👋, I'm Pericles Theodorou.

I share my passion for technology and products. CTO @creditdigital.

About me

A few words and apprieciations

I’ve been fortunate enough to have lived in New York, Berlin & London, and worked for some of the best companies such as Deliveroo and carwow. At heart, I’m a Ruby developer with ❤ for Go, Elm and Elixir.

I’m fascinated by the interactions, processeses and building blocks that constitute a valuable product. As such, startups have been an invaluable learning experience that have helped shape my thinking around people, products and business. I hope I can share some of that in this blog. Without a doubt my main influence has been Basecamp. Singal v. Noise along with their published books are a great source of learning and inspiration to me.

If you don’t find me coding, I’m probably reading, travelling, snorkeling or snowboarding.

I owe a great deal of gratitude to a number of people that helped me jump start my career. Just some of these people are Andre and Anselm. Technically not a single person but the Ruby community is without a doubt the most welcoming and open community of people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with.

People I’d love to meet: DHH, Oprah and Stephen Fry.

People you should definitely follow on Twitter: Stephanie, Patrick, Jessie and of course Chris.